• 124 South State Street
  • Geneseo, Illinois 61254

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Smith Studio and Gallery, LLC

124 South State Street
Geneseo, Illinois 61254

Store Phone Number: 309-945-5428
Smith Studio and Gallery is located in Geneseo, IL in Henry County, between the Quad Cities and Starved Rock State Park, on Route 80. Also, Geneseo is not far from Chicago, Peoria, and  Iowa City, making it the perfect day/weekend road trip. You know you are nearby when you see 2 white church steeples and 2 large windmills, Exit 19 on Illinois Route 80.

Store Hours

Sunday:   Closed

Monday:  Closed
If you are in town and would like to see the gallery, when we our closed, please feel free to give us a call (309-945-5428).
We are frequently around because we live above our store and we will be happy to show off our gallery to people visiting Geneseo's historic business district.

Tuesday:      10:00 a.m.  –  7:00 p.m.
Check out our scheduled Tuesday and Saturday 3 week Childrens Art Classes for 1st thru 6th Grade – Tuesday the class is from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. If there is not class or event scheduled we close at 5:00

Wednesday: 10:00 a.m.  –  5:00 p.m.

Thursday:    10:00 a.m.  –  9:00 p.m.
On Thursday night from 7:00 – 9:00 we usually schedule either  Thursday Nite Adult Art Classes or Thursday Open Studio for Teens & Adults   On occasion we are closed at 5:00 if there is no evening classes or city event scheduled.

Friday:         10:00 a.m.  –  5:00 p.m.

Saturday:     10:00 a.m.  –  5:00 p.m
Check out our scheduled Tuesday and Saturday 3 week Childrens Art Classes for 1st thru 6th Grade  – Saturday the class is from 1:00 – 2:30.

Remember . . .You only need 2 people to Plan Your Own Private Art Class or Party . . . You pick the day, time and art activity. Our goal is for everyone to have a positive experience. You might not leave with a great work of art, however you will leave more knowledgeable about the creative process, a smile on your face, a keepsake and fond memories of time spent with friends and family.

David Smith, Owner, Resident Artist, Teacher
David's direct phone number: 309-945-5428
David's Email: david@smithstudiogeneseo.com

Dale Smith, Graphic Designer and David's better half
Dale's direct phone number 630-347-5201
Dale's Email: dale@smithstudiogeneseo.com


Why do people choose to surround themselves with original artwork and items created by a specific artist or craftsman . . . or learn to create their own artwork?
“Because it brings them joy.”

Become part of the art community located just in your own backyard. Explore nearby shops and galleries that feature original artwork and hand made crafts or have fun with family and friends by signing up for an art class. Also, the Smith Studio and Gallery encourage you to support non-profit art organizations such as Geneseo Art League, Rutabaga Art Gallery (Geneseo), Quad City Arts (Rock Island, IL), and the Figge Art Museum (Davenport, IA)

When you are visiting downtown, Geneseo, bring your children in for a short impromptu art outing. We always have paper, marker and crayons out for anyone who wants to have fun drawing. Also we invite you to come in and relax in our upper gallery . . . enjoy the artwork on the walls, peruse through our books or play a game. During business hours Smith Studio and Gallery invites non-profit organizations to use our upper gallery area for meetings at no charge.

Since opening in 2013 more art galleries have opened on State Street, along with boutiques, breweries, restaurants, florists, furniture store, antique shops, and a wide variety of specialty shops. Geneseo’s historic business district is in a Renaissance, making the town of Geneseo, Illinois “THE PLACE TO VISIT AND EXPLORE”.