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Plan Your Own Private Art Class or Party!

You only need 2 PEOPLE
to schedule a private 2 hour

with family and friends

You Pick the Day, Time and Art Activity.
Cost: $15/participant
All materials are included in the cost.
2018 PLAN PRIVATE ART CLASS or Party_contract.pdf

Minimum age for children’s parties is first grade.Younger children can participate in a family group art class, however the parents are responsible for the child’s actions. 

Plan Your Own Private Art Class or Art Party . . . come in, fill out our art class contract, and give us a $15 deposit to reserve your date and time. Remember, no matter how many people you say are coming . . . you only pay the people who attend.


At Smith Studio and Gallery our goal is for everyone to have a positive experience.
Find Joy in the journey!  Choose from a variety of 2-D and 3-D art activities. Please feel free to come in with your own ideas and we will try to accommodate you. We begin by teaching you about the art medium you have chosen and encourage you to have fun learning more about the creative process. In the end our participants are amazed at what they have accomplished and leave with a smile on their face . . . a keepsake . . . and fond memories of time spent with friends and family.

Consider setting up a series of art classes that would be geared to increasing your proficiency in a specific art medium, such at drawing or watercolors. Progress at your own pace and learn more about the various techniques and design principles that will help strengthen your artistic endeavors.


Below is a sampling of art activities we offer for our adult and children’s art classes. 
Most of these art activities can be scheduled for a private 2-hour art class, party or event. We are happy to assist you in choosing the best art activity for your group, based on age, number of participants, and interests. 

Painting & Drawing can be taught two ways:
1. Everyone in the group chooses his/her own inspirational image and is given individual assistance in their creative endeavor.
2. We can take you Step-by-Step through a painting or drawing, such as a “Winter Farm Landscape” or  “Still Life Floral Motif. We start by creating a image just for your group, we instruct you on how and why you develop the painting in a given way, and we celebrate the fact that everyone’s painting looks different.


PAINTING with Tempera Paint, a smooth opaque paint resembling “Gouache”, on canvas board, or Painting with Watercolors on watercolor paper.


DRAWING with Oil Pastels on colored paper, or use oil pastels with solvent to create a more translucent watercolor effect. You can even explore drawing with soft pastels.


DRAWING with Pen & Ink or Colored Pencils. Learn to use a variety of drawing techniques such as shading and crosshatching to develop your drawing.


CREATING WITH AIR-DRIED CLAY Sculpt an imaginative person on a spoon “Spoon People”, or build whimsical figures, sculptural boxes and pins using Model Magic.


PRINTMAKING Design, carveand print your own stamp. Create “monoprints”, a painterly printmaking technique whereby only one print is made.


MAKING CARDS Create cards using a variety of printing and painting techniques such as “Rosemaling”. Also, learn easy ways to make pop-up cards.


BUILDING WITH PAPER Design 3-D whimsical large-scale sculptures, hand puppets, or structures out of paper. Learn how to fold paper to make it structurally strong. Lean paper-folding techniques to create small books.

CREATING A COLLAGE Learn the art of “Silhouette”, add colored paper to make a “Crazy Hair” portrait, or build a collage using paper and found objects.


SCULPTING WITH PAPER MACHE Build 3-D sculptures using paper mache and your imagination.


CREATING WITH METAL Fashion a basic human figure out of metal wire and make it uniquely yours by adding your own embellishments. Also you can learn the ancient technique of metal tooling. Transfer a 2-D image onto a flat sheet of metal then transform it into a 3-D metal low relief sculpture..

At Smith Studio and Gallery
We really mean it when we say

“You Pick the Day and Time”
You are not restricted to our store hours, when scheduling an art class or party. Most of our private art classes are run after store hours and on days we are closed. We have found that Sunday is a popular day for scheduling children’s birthday parties.

If you like, we can even supply refreshments to enhance the “Party” atmosphere. For an additional $5/person we can supply a variety of snacks, such as bite -size desserts, cheese platter, vegetable and/or fruit platter, nuts and candy. All beverages are supplied gratis.
You need a minimum of 4 people.
Note: If everyone attending is over 21 we can include a little adult beverage. 

Find JOY in the journey!

Whether you’re a mom and son having fun drawing with vine charcoal . . .

Three friends enjoying each other’s company as they gain more confidence in their artistic endeavors . . .

or a large family surprising the 38 year old birthday boy with an evening of painting, fun and food, because he likes the “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross.

At Smith Studio and Gallery
our goal is for everyone to have a positive experience and help you come up with art activity that your group will enjoy.

Friends just getting together

Club activity or company office party

Bride’s bachelorette party

Home school outing

Childrens birthday parties

Grandma’s birthday request, enjoying a step-by-step painting class with her whole family.

Retirement home art outing at our gallery

Girl Scout Art Badge Classes