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2019 Saturday Children's Art Classes Schedule

Saturday Afternoon Art Classes
Grades 1st – 6th  • 1:00 – 3:00

2019 Summer Childrens SAT Art Class Schedule.pdf

Smith Studio and Gallery partners with the Geneseo Park District to bring you quality art classes for children year round. Stop in at Smith Studio and Gallery to learn more about Children’s Art Classes. Also, you can find a list of the art classes in the Geneseo Park District's Winter/Spring 2019 Activity Guide and on their website.

You can register for Children’s Saturday Afternoon Art Classes and Spring Break Art Camp in person at Smith Studio or register on line at the Geneseo Park District. All materials are included in the cost. Payment is due when you register. All art class art listed with the Geneseo Park District are taught at Smith Studio and Gallery



Saturday, June 22nd From 1:00 – 3:00
Paper Mache Critter
Creating in the third dimension is important for artists of all ages. We will use paper mache, over an “armature” to build an unusually creative animal form. Imaginations will fly as our unique critters grow and take shape. Emphasis will be placed on creating a special personality that appears to be moving.
Cost: $15/child – Grades 1 thru 6


Saturday, July 13th From 1:00 – 3:00
Spoon Person

This FUN and CREATIVE class starts with a wooden spoon. Clay is added to form a face on the spoon’s back. With paper sculpturing techniques a body is added. All of this leads to a creative sculpture of a character that has a personality unique to the maker. These in-the-round sculptures usually become cherished keepsakes.
Cost: $15/child – Grades 1 thru 6


Saturday, July 27th From 1:00 – 3:00
Painted Picture – Painted Frame
It is unusual, but not uncommon, for an artist to paint a frame that matches a painting. Examples of this can be found in the art galleries of Geneseo. On this Saturday students will have the opportunity to paint a creative image on a canvas board; but then a frame will be added and participants will be directed on the different ways in which a painted frame will support their original art concept. Cost: $15/child – Grades 1 thru 6

Saturday, August 10th
From 1:00 – 3:00
Build a Paper Fountain
IIn this unusual sculpture class participants will start with an origami foundation for their artwork. Then we will focus on exciting and creative ways to build a sculpture that has a flowing “fountain-like” design with an imaginative spark of color. Our young artists will be mesmerized by the beautiful 3D line that is created by using special paper construction techniques. Cost: $15/child – Grades 1 thru 6

When you visit Smith Studio and Gallery you will realize teaching art to others is a very important part of our business plan. We have dedicated a large portion of our main floor gallery to setting up a classroom complete with large hard wood tables, good lighting, kid/adult height sinks, public restroom and even a drinking fountain. We believe the wide variety of professional artist’s work on our walls inspires children and adults to experiment with various art mediums when discovering their own creative path.

David Smith, owner and Illinois licensed art teacher, teaches all the scheduled and private art class at Smith Studio and Gallery. For over 37 years David has taught in both private and public schools at all levels; elementary though college. He has held workshops in India, Singapore and Australia for Very Special Arts an organization to help people with disabilities. David was recognized by the National Art Education Association as the 1994 “Illinois Art Educator of the Year”, the Illinois Art Education Association as the 2011 “Elementary Art Educator” and also in 2014 he was recognized as an IAEA Distinguished Member. David Smith did not retire from teaching art . . . he moved it into the Smith Studio.

When you are downtown bring your children in for a short impromptu art outing. We always have drawing paper, marker and crayons out for anyone who wants to have fun drawing, or you can relax in our upper gallery . . . enjoy the artwork on the walls, peruse through our books or play a game.

Consider Planning Your Own Private Art Class or Art Party.
You only need 2 people to schedule a 2 hour art class that fits your schedule and interests . . . Great for friends getting together, family outing, children’s birthday parties.
Note: You need a minimum of 6 people to schedule an Art Party.