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List of Art Mediums & Venues

Choose from a wide variety of Art Mediums & Venues for Private Art Classes or Thursday Night Open Studio.

David Smith, owner and licensed art teacher, begins each class by teaching you about the art medium you have chosen and encourage everyone to have fun learning more about the creative process.

Painting and  drawing can be taught 2 ways . . . One, we Take You Step-By-Step Through An Image You Select from our files. We can create a special image for groups over 6 people. Two, everyone in your group chooses their own inspirational image and we encourage and assist everyone in their creative endeavors. Find Joy in the Journey!

Painting . . .  using Premium Tempera Paint, a smooth opaque paint that resembles “Gouache” or Watercolors.
Learn more about brush control and blending colors on the palette and directly on the canvas board. Build up the image by layering colors as you add more detail. Have fun painting without using a brush (feathers, sponges and more).

Explore Pointillism, (painting with dots). Learn different brush technique such as Sumi-e (Japanese Ink Painting) and Rosemåling (decorative folk art designs)

Drawing . . . using Premium Colored Pencils, All Forms of Graphite (pencils, sticks and powder) or Pen & Ink.
Learn various drawing techniques. Discover how strong contrasts between light and dark is used to achieve a sense of volume, when drawing three-dimensional objects. Cross-hatching is a technique used to create tonal or shading effects by drawing closely spaced parallel lines.

Drawing with Oil Pastels and Painting with Oil Pastels and Solvent (painterly effect that resembles watercolors).
With oil pastels you use short strokes to develop an image ; discover how changing the color of the paper you draw on affects the mood of the drawing. Achieve a painterly effect that resembles watercolors, using oil pastels with a  little solvent and a paintbrush.

Printmaking . . . Carve a Relief Printing Plate or Design Monoprints. Learn to print your own cards and boxes
Design and make your own stamps or carve an image on a “soft–cut” printing plate, then learn to ink the plate and print cards and boxes. Create monoprintS by drawing an image on a rubber plate, using markers and printing an on-of-a-kind “single image”. See how this printing technique turns a marker drawing into something unique.

Sculpt with Model Magic . . . using Air-Dried Clay your ideas become dimensional.
Create whimsical dimensional designs and animals and design small gift boxes, jewelry pins and magnets. Build a freestanding “Spoon Person” or “Totem Stick” using a wood spoon and Model Magic and your imagination that reflects your personality

Create Paper Mache Sculptures . . . using colored paper and recyclable materials.
Build 3-D sculptures using paper mache and your imagination. Learn a less messy way to Paper Mache using small pieces of paper and art paste.

Have Fun with just Paper . . . transform your 2-D ideas into 3-dimensional art.
Discover the amazing structural strength of folded paper as you build a “3-D Dragon’s Head” or “Tall Tower”. Design a working “Hand Puppet” using folded construction paper.

Learn about “Origami”, the art of paper folding, to create boxes and birds, and create “Triskele Paper Globes” and mini keepsake books.

Metal Tooling and Metal Wire Sculpture . . . change a piece of metal into a work of art.
Metal tooling is the process of transferring a 2-D image onto a flat sheet of metal then transforming it into a 3-D metal low relief sculpture, which you can frame or adhere it to the lid of a small box to create a gift box.
Fashion a basic human figure out of metal wire and make it uniquely yours by adding special embellishments.


Combine various art materials and techniques together and bring your ideas to life.
Create Unique Cards using a variety of printing, painting and paper folding techniques.
Create 3-D animals out of air-dried clay and building a habitat out of folded paper.
Fashion “Masquerade” Mask by starting with pre-formed wearable mask and embellishing it using a wide array of craft techniques and materials.