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Saturday Afternoon Children's Art Classes

Smith Studio's Saturday Afternoon Children's Art Classes are usually the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
2024 Summer Schedule
Saturday Children's Art Classes
Grades 1st – 6th  •  1:00 – 3:00
Cost: $20 / child
All materials are included in the cost.

Smith Studio partners with the Geneseo Park District to bring you quality art classes for children. You can register for Children’s Saturday Art Classes in person at the Smith Studio or register in person or line at the Geneseo Park District Community Center. www.geneseoparkdistrict.orgPayment is due when you register.


Saturday, June 8th 2024
Painting on Canvas Board 
One of our most popular activities is painting on a canvas board. Participants will work on an image of their own choice. Instruction focuses on composition principles, different ways to apply paint to the canvas surface and finishing with attention to detail and the story that the painting relays.
GRADES 1 – 6     TIME 1:00 – 3:00      COST $20/child      Geneseo Park Dist
# 13020-11

Saturday, June 29th 2024
Fireworks Resist Drawing with Oil Pastels
Oil Pastels first appeared in Osaka, Japan, 98 years ago. Since then, many artists have fallen in love with the smooth and creamy manner of this drawing media. But, to combine this unique oil-based art media with a water-based paint creates an exceptional combination as the medias “Resist” each other. Participants will expand their painting knowledge as they use a resist technique to create seasonal images.
GRADES 1 – 6     TIME 1:00 – 3:00      COST $20/child      Geneseo Park Dist
# 13021-11

Saturday, July 20th 2024
Watercolor Animals in Nature
In this watercolor class our participants will learn how a natural environment can be created using different painting techniques and tools. It is important to understand that the animal that they will paint exists in a natural environment. Students will learn different techniques that make an exciting scene easy and interesting to paint.
GRADES 1 – 6     TIME 1:00 – 3:00      COST $20/child      Geneseo Park Dist
# 13022-21

Saturday, July 27th 2024
Olympic Sports Painting 
In this athletic artwork our participants will focus on the Olympic events that they find most interesting. Track & Field, Soccer, Swimming or Gymnastics …each child will paint an image of their favorite event …then, on a second canvas, they will paint the crowd of viewers, flags and stadium. These two paintings will be combined into a single creative art project that reveals a spectacular Olympic event.
GRADES 1 – 6     TIME 1:00 – 3:00      COST $20/child      Geneseo Park Dist
# 13023-21

Saturday, August 24th 2024
Yarn Painting
The Huichol are an indigenous people of Mexico, known for the vibrant beauty of their art and weavings. In this unique class we will look at Huichol yarn painting and then create our own unique image in yarn. Each participant will be encouraged to include personal symbols and color into their overall design.
GRADES 1 – 6     TIME 1:00 – 3:00      COST $20/child      Geneseo Park Dist
# 13025-31

When you visit Smith Studio and Gallery you will realize teaching art to others is a very important part of our business plan. We have dedicated a large portion of our main floor gallery to setting up a classroom complete with large hard wood tables, good lighting, kid/adult height sinks and a public restroom on the main floor.

David Smith, owner and Illinois licensed art teacher, teaches all the scheduled and private art class at Smith Studio and Gallery. For over 37 years David has taught in both private and public schools at all levels; elementary though college.  He has been recognized by the National Art Education Association as the “1994 Illinois Art Educator of the Year”; the Illinois Art Education Association as the “2011 Elementary Art Educator of the Year”, and in 2014 he was recognized as an IAEA Distinguished Member. On occasion you can find David teaching art workshops at the Geneseo Public Library and Geneseo Child Care; and Smith Studio is the official children’s art classes for the Geneseo Park District. David Smith did not retire from teaching art . . . he moved it into the Smith Studio and Gallery.

Can’t make our scheduled art classes . . . consider planning your own private art class or art party that best fits your schedule and group's interests.

Plan a Private Art Class with Family and/or Friends

Plan a Private "ART PARTY" with refreshments, great for Girls Night Out or Office Holiday Party

Children's Art Birthday Party, you can choose from a variety of age-appropriate art activities. Parents bring the cake and drinks. We set up party area, run art activity, and clean up the mess.

Girl Scout Troop Art Badge, art materials and instruction are provided to complete the various art badge requirements.